1st Birthday Invitation Wordings for Son & Daughter – Invite Loved Ones in Unique Ways

Celebrating 1st birthday itself is one of the momentous occasions for parents and while you will read the 1st Birthday Invitation Wordings ideas below you will start recalling the days passed in attentive pampering of your kids and how early the days have come when you kid has passed 1 year. You little baby that could only be carried in your arms until now can now actually lift his tiny legs on its own! And with this, he marks the beginning of a new era for the parents.

1st Birthday Invitation Wordings for Son & Daughter

1st Birthday Invitation Wordings

Celebrating the first birthday of your child is obviously a huge affair and therefore this is what the reason, parents try their best to make the party a huge success. But another challenge comes in middle is to send the party invitation because you are not sure about the appropriate ‘1st birthday invitation wording’ to send for the invitation and this becomes a task. Because emotion overlaps the writing and you may wonder how to write an appropriate birthday wording in the invitation you send either by card or by digital channels.

But don’t worry about this as you are going to find the best collection of 1st birthday invitation wording ideas that are amazing indeed and that is appropriate for a big day. Simply you will have to fill the necessary details and print them on our invitation card. Here are some of the best birthday wording ideas for 1st birthday invitation and even though all of them are informal, yet in simple language and it is because simple is always well understood rather than flowery language where people normally get confused.

Best 1st Birthday Invitation Wordings Quotes

#Wording 1:

First bunny teeth, first baby steps, he’s already walking,
Our little prince is growing by leaps and bounds.

#Wording 2:

The first one year flew in a jiffy,
The baby grew up to be more pretty,
The year was exciting loaded with joy, love, and fun
And our little baby turns one!
Come and be a part of our celebrations.

#Wording 3:

Cute, naughty, and sweet
Here’s our little prince who is turning one
And we would like you to be there for his/ her birthday and have fun.

#Wording 4:

He smiled, he rolled, he crawled, and he walked.
It was an amazing year witnessing our baby grow.
<Baby’s name> is already one!
Come and join the fun, because it’s his first birthday.

#Wording 5:

Come to my party and celebrate a bit.
See my first cake, I’ll be wearing it!
We invite you to our son’s/daughter’s
1st birthday!!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

#Wording 6:

I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand,
and I can walk now if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun,
lookout world, I’m turning one!
Come to my birthday party
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

#Wording 7:

This is a party you just can’t skip
It’s gymnastics and you’re going to flip!
We’ll jump, roll and hop
The fun will never stop!
Michelle’s 1st birthday will be great
Please join us to celebrate!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

#Wording 8:

After 12 months of being
the baby around here,
It’s time to invite you to celebrate
my fabulous first year!
We invite you to our son’s
1st birthday!!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

#Wording 9:

Splish splash, it’s a birthday bath.
Come get soaked, we’ll swim and play
as we celebrate ______’s first birthday.
Bring your suit and towel,
we’ll take care of the rest.
This pool party will be best.
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

#Wording 10:

A teddy bear picnic
is what’s in store.
We’ll have food, fun
games and more!
We invite you to our son’s/daughter’s
1st birthday!!
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

#Wording 11:

Some cake, loads of fun, and a tiny tot who’s turning one!
Join us for <baby’s name> first birthday.
We are sure you will have lots of fun.

#Wording 12:

Cake, food, games, and fun.
Join us for our <baby’s name> first birthday and bless him.
There’s sure to be loads of laughter!

#Wording 13:

A year ago, we were blessed with a precious gift,
We have held her close like the most valuable treasure.
<Baby’s name> turns one,
Please join us for the celebrations.

#Wording 14:

We are raising a toast for surviving our baby’s first year.
Join us as we celebrate <baby’s name> first birthday,
And have fun.

#Wording 15:

Our baby is hitting the big ONE
How can you miss it?
Come on and be part of this fabulous fun.

#Wording 16:

Tons of diapers
And sleepless nights
But nothing can beat being <baby’s name> parents.
Join us for <baby’s name> first birthday celebration.

#Wording 17:

Our little baby is hitting the big one,
And we are having a party to celebrate the occasion.
There are drinks, snacks, games, and of course the cake.
Come and celebrate our girl’s birthday with us.

#Wording 18:

It was a task raising a brat, but he never fails to cheer us up with his antics.
And, now it’s time to celebrate his first birthday with a fabulous party.
Please be there when he cuts the cake.

#Wording 19:

The year passed by in a jiffy.
Growing up was fun.
Our little one turned one,
And we are rocking it with a party.
Be there!

#Wording 20:

The greatest blessing of our life is our little one.
He has crossed one year.
Join us as we celebrate the little one’s first birthday.

#Wording 21:

The host and cake are small,
But the fun is going to be big.
Come on, join us in celebrating our baby’s first birthday!

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