70th Birthday Ideas – Best 70th Birthday Party Ideas 2020

Are you looking to plan a 70th Birthday Ideas to organize a Party for your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma? And to celebrate your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma’s 70th birthday, if you are looking for some of the best 70th Birthday Party Ideas, then you are at the right place.

In this article, I am going to share some of the best 70th Birthday Party Ideas that you can use to celebrate your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma’s 70th Birthday party in a great way and using those ideas, you will be able to make their birthday a special day of their life. 

To make this birthday party memorable and special day for them, you should have prepared some perfect suitable plans for your birthday party ideas list. As we all know, the 70th Birthday celebration is one of the big things itself, so now, it is time to arrange a big celebration of living such a wonderful 70 years with family members and friends. 

70th Birthday Ideas

70th Birthday Ideas

Below in this article, you can find many things that you can plan to organize a birthday party such as decorations, games, themes, and many more. So now, read and follow this whole article, to know more about the 70th Birthday Party Ideas.

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70th Birthday Party Ideas

With this section, you can find some of the best 70th Birthday Party Ideas that you can use to organize a grand birthday party for your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma. In this section, below you will find some sweet and simple ideas to celebrate a 70th Birthday Party but the ideas that I am going to share below will definitely make the day special and memorable for your loved ones.


  • Arrange A Grand Picnic


Since how long have you been having a picnic, it may be a month or 2 months or maybe quite a long time. For the old adults or to celebrate a 70th birthday party of your mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma, it will be best to go for a picnic with family members.

I strongly believe that after the age of 50, a person should celebrate his/her birthday in a manner of gatherings that involves family members and friends.

To arrange a grand picnic means that you can arrange a picnic with your friends, family members, relatives, and other close friends. You can spend your whole day with your friends, family members, and relatives at a picnic spot, you can enjoy a special moment of your life. 

For the picnic, first, you have to arrange a nice minibus in which all your guests can come and then you have to pick a spot of destination where you can spend your whole day for a picnic.

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  • Organize A 70’s Theme Birthday Party


Most of the people think that it is the worst idea to celebrate a 70-year-old person birthday with a 70’s themed party. Many people will suggest you organize it in a simple and sober manner.

But believe me, this is one of the best birthday ideas to celebrate a 70-year-old person’s birthday, it makes so fun-loving moments and revives those eras and the memories of the ’70s.

The 70’s themed party that you are going to organize that will be full of lights, colors, and glamour. It will be like a disco-themed party.

After completing a 70-year milestone, it should be celebrated as a festive occasion and the celebration should be full of fun and awesome. Do not try to set a limit for yourself with your age, just go for it and enjoy this moment with full of heart.

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  • Arrange A Stage Show


If you are looking to plan a house party or if you have booked a venue hall, then you should have to try this theme as a 70th Birthday Idea. To celebrate the 70th birthday of your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma, you have to arrange a stage show on which you can ask each party guests to perform on anything on which they can perform best.

I am sure that in the party you can find many guests who can dance, sing, crack jokes, and can act as well. So, you can allow them to entertain other guests with their skills on the stage.

This is one of the best ideas that you can add to your birthday party list and everyone at the party will enjoy the show, have some fun, and they will be entertained.


  • Can Call Some Old Friends


If it’s your birthday then why don’t you tell your old friends for living back all those memories? Old friends mean, the people who were with you early in your life, i.e. your school/college friends, your old friends, etc.

Let’s suppose if you are going to celebrate a 70th Birthday Party of your Grandfather and he had very close friends in his childhood days, school, and college days. But due to family and work responsibilities, they all got separated from each other. 

So anyhow, if you can make contact with them and then call them to surprise your grandpa on his birthday, then it will be the best birthday gift for your grandpa and he will be very happy with this approach.


  • Arrange A Comedy Night


To celebrate the 70th Birthday of your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma, you can organize a comedy show, where you can make some fun with your family members and friends. You should have to organize the show in a venue where a good amount of people can sit or if you have a good space at your home, then you can also arrange the show at your home as well.

For the comedy show, the first thing that you should have to do is to find out some comic artists online and then you have to arrange a show & stage where the artists can perform. Believe me, this idea will be the best idea to celebrate a birthday with your family members and friends, this will have the best time busting out with laughs.


  • Can Organize Card Games


You have lots of games to organize at a birthday party but card games are one of the best games for the old and mature people as well because these kinds of games will help you to engage and involve more, during this game you can have talks and conversation with each other.

So, while playing this game, you can chat, play and enjoy some beautiful moments altogether. Another best thing about this game is that you can involve in this game for a long time to enjoying some fun-loving moments with your family members and friends. 

So now, if you are looking for a house party, then you should have the card games at the party. There are many card games that you can consider which are spades, blackjack, rummy, hearts, etc.


  • Arrange A Surprise Birthday Party


As we know, surprises are always the best thing when you plan a birthday party for your loved ones including your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandpa. On the occasion of a 70th Birthday Party of your loved ones, if you organize a surprise birthday party with all their close friends and even family members, then it will be a special moment for them.

If you want to organize a surprise birthday party, then the first thing that you should have to consider is to plan the whole menu, decoration, and the venue, while talking about venue, then it will best for you to organize a surprise birthday party at your home itself, then everything will be easy in your supervision.

You have to arrange a nice cake or even you can encourage the kids of the family to take participate in baking one cake that will be a favorite thing for the person to celebrate the 70th birthday.

For this surprise birthday party, you have to invite all their close friends and keep everything a surprise for them. And you should have to maintain the secrecy of the surprise.

So now, you have to bake a special birthday cake for the birthday party with all the decorations that make it worthwhile. You should have to involve all your family members and even the family kids as well in your preparations because it will help you to get a better response.


  • Give Birthday Surprises By 70 Friends


Going to celebrate the 70th birthday, it will be a special moment for the person who is going to turn 70 with lots of experience and the living that they become more poised and wiser. So, while organizing a 70th birthday party, you have to keep in mind that on this birthday, you have to do something unusual for the birthday person you love.

In a person’s life, friends are the backbone because they always stand with you in all your hard and happy moments. So, you have to plan this birthday party in a different way, that they will remember it for their whole life, by connecting them again to their loveable friends with a deeper understanding.

So, this 70th birthday celebration should connect them to their 70 friends with warm birthday wishes and heartfelt feelings. You have to arrange a whole day with surprise messages and gifts from these 70 friends with a surprise for the birthday person to make some guesses that which of their friends have sent them the birthday wishes.

On the evening of the day, you have to arrange a surprise birthday party with those 70 friends, if it won’t be possible to avail of all of them then try to avail at least a few of them. You have to arrange the birthday wishes to reach the birthday person in such a way that he/she has a smile on their 70th birthday throughout the day. 

In case, if you won’t be able to arrange a birthday party, then the birthday wishes that will come from all the 70 friends of the school, college, and life, that will definitely make their 70th birthday very special for them.

Birthday is not always about to organize an expensive birthday party of food but it is important that the person is remembered and loved, this feeling will definitely make their birthday more special for their whole life.


  • Arrange The Roast Off Party


Birthday means fun-filled days, of any age and at the age of 70, it becomes more fun because you have passed that young age and now with age and grace still you are a child in nature.

So, on the occasion of a 70th birthday, if the birthday person, your guests, and friends know about the fun of roasting then you can arrange the roast off the party as well.

In the Roast off Party moment, you have to go for a celebrity type of roasting with the birthday guests to take the center of the stage and then you have to share some fun roast over the guest of honor, the birthday person.

Or the best thing will be to make a best friend who knows their little secret stories have to respect the ratings because they will know when to draw the line and not hurt anyone’s feelings, especially the person whose birthday is celebrated. 

As we know, Roast of parties creates fun-loving moment but in this party, you have to be very careful as it will deal with people’s emotions, a lot of fun is needed at the age of 70 and that too it should be with a touch of humor and a little flavor of the unharmed satire. 


  • You Can Arrange A Blastful DJ Cranking Night


As we know, music plays a most important role in any kind of party, because music comes along with a blast of mixes as well as a DJ to play the songs.

So, a boastful DJ cranking night will be another best idea to celebrate a 70th birthday party of your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma. It is not necessary that you should have to go for an old music theme party of their time because, with the passes of time, today’s elder has updated themselves.

So, you can go to arrange for a good entertaining and cranking night for your elders as well, where they can make some moves over the music. You cannot imagine how it will look when your happy elders make some move on the cranking music night along with the DJ.

To arrange a boastful DJ cranking night is not so expensive, nowadays, you can get some good packages in such kind of event organizations, you just have to book it in advance so that you can get some good prizes at cheap rates.

In the party, you have to give the DJ some of your good choices of music list to play that will be a blend of cranking beats and also with some interesting tunes. You can also encourage the party members for a dance-off with the DJ beats that will make the 70’s youth more youthful, and you can also arrange some smashing prizes to gift for the best dancer on the DJ floor.


  • Arrange A Dance Competition In The Birthday Party


This idea may sound like a lot, but who said that a 70 years old person will not be interested in dancing, maybe she or he is not healthy right now, but the soul is very active at this age as well and it would like to make some moves into new beats and music.

You can arrange a night that can be remembered with the tune and the beats of dance. You can plan a dress code for the guests at the time of dance-off, and see that the 70-year-old person should have one of the best attire to wear at the party. You have to choose some dazzling and some outstanding prizes for the person who will take participate in the dance-off night.

In compliment, you have to arrange some good tasty and healthy food for the party guests and the birthday person that should be pleased on this special occasion. It is told by the person that dance and food go hand-in-hand so the combination will be out of the world.


  • Go For A Spectacular Birthday Invitation Card


Inviting the guests for the birthday party is one of the most important parts of a party, and if you are going to organize a special 70th birthday bash of your Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa, then it will be good for you to arrange a spectacular birthday invitation card. 

On this special occasion, you have to do something different, not to go with the same old invitation card with the picture of the birthday person from their young age, instead of this, you should have to do something which should have their touch more. 

You have to arrange the invitation card in which the birthday person says a few lines to their friends and family members along with their signature at the bottom of the invitation card.

In this birthday invitation card, you can also allow the children to do some painting or you can make them write the invites in their own style. This idea will always good to have some fresh air in the invitation card and it would best when it comes from the kids of the family.

The birthday invitation card that you are going to choose that itself should appeal to create an interest in the hearts of guests regarding this special occasion, 70th birthday party.


  • Arrange A Moment Which Shows Passing Through The Happy Years


Using this birthday party idea, you can arrange a birthday party moment through which the birthday person can passing through their happy years. It is said by the person that if you want to capture your best memories, then the best way would be to capture them on a photograph. So on the occasion of this 70th birthday by making a series of pictures of the person for all 70 years, you can make your loved one travel through the happy years.

The birthday person should have all the memories together with their family members and friends. The cherry on top is to get messages or quotes from the people with whom the pictures are shared. This can be a tough task for you, but once you do it perfectly, then it can be the best gift for your loved one for eternity.

So now, you should have to start making a list of the photographs that you want to place in the slide, and then you have to call the people who are in the photographs with the person.

If some of them are not alive, then don’t need to worry, you can ask the others regarding their bond and then create some nice lines. In this way, then a person who is not alive will also be there with them.

You have to keep surprised this photo slide and a cake should be cut and serve the food. You will see that the person smiling must have seen the pictures that will make the birthday evening more special for the birthday person.


  • Celebrate Birthday With A Small Family Gathering


Sometimes it happens that a lot of people can create suffocation at the party, so you should have to try to organize a simple 70th Birthday Party. This Birthday Party should be filled with just the grandkids, birthday person, and with the family members. Using this idea, you can plan many things with a small gathering and the venue that you want to choose and another option will be wide and luxurious.

To celebrate a 70th Birthday Party in this way, you just have to arrange a lovely lunch on a weekend with all the favorite foods of the birthday person, or you can just bake a lovely cake for the birthday person. To involve the kids in this kind of birthday party, you will be able to make it more special. At the party, participants should be only from the family not one from the outside.

Try to make your presence for this special day so that the birthday person will feel the warmth of your presence. After lunch or dinner, you can go for a movie with the family members or you can also watch a movie at home together with some snacks, popcorn, and cold drinks.

It is not important that the birthday should always celebrate with fun, guest, or a lavish party, but the important thing is that the heart should be full of love.


  • Try To Arrange Some Daring Activity 


Some peoples do have some wild wishes in their life but due to their busiest life, they won’t be able to fulfill all those wishes. So on the occasion of this 70th birthday, you should have to try to giving them a chance to complete all those wild wishes.

In short, complete their adrenaline rush activities with a kick to love the more active life ahead. At the age of 70 it is again the beginning of a new life, so why not on this auspicious occasion, try to arrange for them a daring activity that they have wanted to do from a long time, it may be life skydiving, or swimming underwater or gliding on the ocean waves.

But while organizing some daring activity for the birthday person, you should have to keep in mind their health and organize every activity under the supervision of the trainer and the experienced guide should be there to help them.

You have to keep all the safety protocols in place while arranging this fun-filled and adventurous birthday celebration. But it will definitely be the best birthday gift for those who especially love such kind of adventurous and daring games.


  • Arrange A Lunch With The Old School Friends


In our life, friends are the person with whom, we share the most important part of our life, as we know sharing and caring is the motto of a friendship. So it will be the best way to celebrate the 70th birthday with spend time with those close school friends.

For this, you should have to arrange a special lunch where the birthday person can spend some time with those few school friends who are the closest to the person at that time, and making their 70th Birthday full of memories. You have to book a table at their favorite restaurant and then you have to leave them alone with their friends. 

There you have to arrange some good foods for them and also some special moments for them like a lovely cake with the 70 themes in which you can go with a gala cake that will be cut with all those old friends.

If possible, then try to book the table in the open air, near a pool, where all their old friends can spend some peaceful time with each other to sharing those old stories of their school life and bringing all the past memories back with good foods and a memorable afternoon that will be a mark of 70 years of life, happiness, and achievements together.

Final Words

I hope so, all the information that I tried to share above in this article will be beneficial for you. To read and follow this whole article, you will be able to know more about some of the best 70th Birthday Ideas that you can use to celebrate a 70th birthday Party party of your Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa.

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