Birthday Puns – Best Birthday Card Puns Collection

Hello Friends, Today we are back with another exciting birthday related item for all our lovely audience and that is birthday puns and if you ever looking for funny birthday puns than today we are going to finish your search here on this article.

Birthday Puns

Birthday Puns

You will never ever looking for any other source for best happy birthday puns for 21st, 30th, 18th, 22nd, 16th, 50th birthday puns to make the birthday funniest birthday ever. These funniest birthday puns will help you to make your birthday speech tremendous than ever. If you are looking for witty words to write birthday card puns. These happy birthday puns will enhance the laugh on the birthday of boy or a girl.

Funny Birthday Puns

  • What do you call it when you give a child a training toilet for her birthday?
    A surprise potty!
  • Why don’t owls exchange birthday gifts?
    They don’t give a hoot!
  • What do you say to a Mexican sheep on his birthday?
    Fleece cumpleaños!
  • Why did the unhappy husband buy sexy lingerie for his wife’s birthday?
    So he could give her the slip!
  • What do you say to a female sheep on her birthday?
    Happy birthday to ewe!
  • Why do people write on birthday cakes?
    Because everyone wants to have their cake and read it too!
  • What type of birthday cake did Peter Pan get?
    A pan-cake!
  • What do you say to a tree on its birthday?
    Sappy birthday!
  • There’s nothing better than presents from friends and family on your birthday, unless it’s the presence of friends and family on your birthday.
  • It’s a sad fact that the older you get, the more your birthday suit needs to be pressed. Hope you don’t have any pressing concerns on your birthday.
  • As a friend, you really take the birthday cake. Have a great one.
  • I know getting older is no piece of cake, but try not to think about that when you’re blowing out your birthday candles. Enjoy every last bite.

Hilarious Happy Birthday Jokes for Parents

You might know that, your parents are your biggest fan ever and if you are planning to celebrate your parent’s birthday than you must try these hilarious happy birthday jokes for card. Give your mom and dad a special day with these funny birthday jokes ever.

  • Dad, you’re not 52—you are only 22, with 32 years of experience! Happy birthday!
  • Some people never grow up. You are one of them. Ask mom if you don’t believe me. (Just kidding—happy birthday!)
  • Father, make sure you eat as much cake as possible. No, not because it’s your birthday, but because soon you won’t have the real teeth to do so. Happy birthday to you!
  • Dad, I love you. I also just want to wish that . . . you keep your wallet open for your loving daughter/son. Enjoy this special day. Happy birthday!
  • Here’s a fun fact—no, not that you’re getting older. Just that you’re starting to look even funnier. Here’s to more bad jokes and a happy birthday to you, Dad!
  • My dearest Dad, I know today is your birthday, but it’s not a real holiday so I’m not too excited about it. Just kidding. Happy birthday on this very important day to a very important man!
  • I’ve been thinking since yesterday on what to write in a funny birthday message for you . . . but I couldn’t think anything funny. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on the 38rd anniversary of your 18th birthday! You are still so young, Dad.
  • Mom just informed me that, though you are getting old, you are not becoming wiser at all. You’re welcome for revealing this secret to you. Just kidding. Happy birthday to one of the wisest men I know!
  • Dearest Dad: I wish for nothing but a lifetime of smiles for you on your birthday . . . as long as you still have teeth. Happy birthday to you!

Birthday Puns for Funny Friend

We all have that one friend who is damn funny in the whole friends group and those friends are the people who always try to make you laugh and make you happy. So, you should not disappoint them on their special day. Make them happy and laugh with best birthday puns for friend.

  • What does every happy birthday end with?
    The letter Y.
  • What is the left side of a birthday cake?
    The side that’s not eaten.
  • What do you always get on your birthday?
    Another year older!
  • What is a snowman’s favorite part of a birthday cake?
    The ice-ing.
  • Why do genies love celebrating birthdays?
    Because of all the wishes.

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