Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend – Cool Ideas for Sure

Are you not searching for Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend and want to make her birthday celebration more interesting and enjoyable? Don’t worry we have the solution for you that is going to help you with a surprise for your best friend and he will be delighted by this simple sober but interesting surprise.

Everyone loves the surprise, isn’t it? If someone gives you a surprise, you will also be delighted by that. In this case especially when it is your best friend’s birthday, it should be really amazing and your surprise should be always memorable right?

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

When it comes to me, I really love to give surprise to my best friend and whether it is his birthday or any other occasion and sometimes it can be no occasion because surprise means the same. And as you know, it is really interesting to give and get surprised right? And it was yesterday when I was talking with my friend and sharing those childhood moments.

And that is where I got some of these surprising ideas that I want to share with you today and if you are really desperate about the search then you can try out the below-given list. Whether you are a male or female searching for the surprise ideas to try, these are best suited for both the cases.

So, really; want to give a surprise but yet confused about the best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend? Don’t worry we will help you with this. You are given more than 5 best ideas below that you can easily try but is really interesting. And probably these are the best things you can do for your best friend. So, without more anticipated, follow these ‘BEST SURPRISE TIPS FOR BEST FRIEND’ here.

Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend

It’s giggling me really before I am going to share these ideas here because these are the one takes me to the nostalgia of my childhood days. Rest as you will follow the list below you are going to find out the list that helps you in creating some good idea that you will love.

These are really the best things you can try for your best friend and hence stay tuned to enjoy all these tips that you can try this birthday.

Gifts from Old Memories

From the title itself, you might have understood about it. There might be things that you both might be fond of in the past and this can be anything. Let’s see it by an example: In my case, I and my best friend used to love collecting old coins from various countries together and due to this, we had a lot bunch of coins.

Recall your childhood days, you might have found something common you both might be sharing in the past. Why can’t you try any of these for the purpose of gifting that to your best friend and this brings you and your friend memories back to the day?

I am doing this actually for my best friend it really is surprising to see. In my case, I had surprised him with these coins wrapped in a single gift paper and see the surprise in his eye.

More than a surprise this is going to show him/ her more shocked as giving me a coin to him. This can be done on the back by you as well and believe me it is really interesting to try. He/She is going to very surprised to see the kind of gift he/she is receiving.

Google Hangout – Digital surprise

This might have taken your attention for a while right? You might be thinking how can I give a surprise via this google hangout? Wait! Your friends might be hanging out with your friends in google hangout more often but have you ever wondered about how you can give a surprise by using this to your best friend as a birthday wish.

It is sure that in a maximum of the cases, no one has tried this idea because this is the idea that has come into my mind. This is basically the idea to plan a surprise Google hang out with her/his sibling or maybe parents.

First, you will have to ask them to log into google hangout account where they can connect with you and other hangout friends. This has to be done, while he/she is sleeping in the early morning.

So, first, ask his/her parents or sibling to put the laptop on the bed near he is lying and can put your speaker on there. This implies that the early morning wishes he/ she is going to get from your guys. Does it sound great? He/ she will be surprised to see his/her friends hanging out together wishing him/her birthday.

Unplanned Trip

Do you remember your last time you planned an unplanned trip, whether 2 years back, 4 years back? Or Never before? And if not before then I hope you really have missed out on the fun life. An unplanned trip is a really more exciting thing that you can be part of.

Now at this time, you might be thinking why I am talking about fun and hey! you must try these funny birthday poems to use on birthday cards, it is not a normal day after all this is your best friend’s birthday that you may want to make it memorable.

Even though my inclination is about your best friend but the idea is for you. That further means that you have to plan an unplanned trip and this eventually means your friend should be unaware of it. If your bestie turning 18 on his/her birthday then you must know things to do on 18th birthday.

On his birthday, simply call your friend and tell he/her to meet outside and when she comes, then you inform that this is a short unplanned trip and no matter what, you have to come.

You can also say other friends to accompany you as well and go to the beach, camping, outing, adventure sports, etc. for one day or the two.

It will really be too much of fun and excitement but more than that, your best friend is going to remember this awesome day for the rest of her/his life for sure. And for sure, this will stand to be the best surprise for your friend.

A Group Driveway

I can understand and know that most of you might be working or busy in day to day life and the trip is certainly not possible. And hence if the trip doesn’t work for you then why don’t you think for a road trip but make sure this also is an unplanned trip and then the fun doubles. This further means that you can surprise your friend just by taking him/her for the trip at the moment.

I mean, that whatever you are planning, let it be unknown to him/her and on the day of her birthday, let it be known to your best friend. This was the same as the case with me and my acquaintance did to me.

A Group Video Message

While you have seen above that, you can choose to google hangouts for all in one birthday wishing for your best friend but it might not be for some in many cases that too at late night 00:00. But there is an alternative to it. Contact all your friends, family members or relatives to the commonplace and bring as many people as you can together.

You can even call your close friends as well to join the wishing. Bring them all to record a small video wishing your best friend a happy birthday.

You can make a creative and presentable video that you can late send to your best friend. Believe me, she is really going to surprise by seeing all his/her friends wishing him together on his birthday. And believe me or not this is really a surprising birthday wishing.

Surprise with a Letter

While the digital age has made is really surprising to bring all the solution closer and things are just a click away from everyone’s reach. You can find these days’ people generally do their work easily by wishing their loved ones using digital platforms which can be in any form either email, chats, Online Message, chat apps, Video Chats and more.

This way you save your time and effort surely, but this has become so usual nowadays that being your best friend, he/she needs surprise and your special care rather than a simple wish as others do.

That is the reason when you ask for a surprise, it is advisable to you that avoid this but try something different this time and let me help you here.

Remember those days when you used to send a letter where you used to convey your message to your loved ones, and the eager and the awaiting with the surprise they were waiting with to read.

Hence you can try this on your friends this birthday and in order to gift him something unexpected, you can try out sending a letter wish to him and he/she is really going to be happy.

Memory Down the Lane

Now, this is really interesting! Since you both are the best friends and this is sure that you both might have been together for long and surely having best-shared memories and moments together and this is going last forever and if you can recall then I must say those are countless.

And the same way you might also have got some of the best memories with your right? Most of you have pictures from the past as well that bring your memory back. So, if you both have those pictures with you, of your best friends or both of you or having some group photos then, make a collection of those all.

The idea is to make a collage, of all those pictures that are having great memories imprinted. And to dig down these pictures you can try our effort from various sources, like from your phone, from your friend’s phone, social account, friends and family member and can get some pictures as well from other sources if you can.

Cook Surprise

Why don’t you cook something for your best friend by calling him/ her? Since I have tried this earlier and that is the reason I am sharing that to you out of my experience.

If you remember me saying you above about our phone call last night and the discussion we had. This is the real surprise I am talking to you about.

On her last birthday, I called her and said to her to come to the place as I have a very special thing for your birthday. And as she came, I told her that I want to cook the best dish for you.

She was really surprised by the reaction as she can be got something unexpected. I made some dishes for her and she really liked it, and this is the reason she still remembers her birthday due to this.

Final Words

As I promised you above, were these Surprise Ideas for Best Friend’s Birthday really interesting and even though simple yet most effective ones? These are the surprise, from which most of them I have already tried and out of the best experience, I shared those here.

This is really the best thing to do something unexpected for your best friend and this is what remains in their mind and out for the best experience of your life. Rest as you have checked out these Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friend you have come to know about these tiniest yet simple Ideas that you can find amazing to try.

Even though all the ideas you are being given above are out of the best ideas for birthday to surprise your friend, it is sure that you will not be able to try them all. So, choose what suits you best on this surprise birthday celebration of your friend this year and how did it end, you can share it in the comment section below.

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