Birthstone Colors by Month and Meaning

Birthstone Colors by Month and Meaning: A birthstone is a gemstone that represents the month of birth of a person. Do you want to know about your birthstone? If yes, then you are in the right place. Birthstones are the stones that represent each month and the people born in those months. 

Birthstones come in a variety of gem-types as well as colors and it reflects great personality traits and wonderful moments in a person’s life. You will find many variations of the birthstones and associated birthstone colors, the origin of the birthstones dates from the early civilizations. It believes by most of the people that wearing a gemstone of a specified month gives healing powers. Birthstone also wears by most of the le, especially by women, just because they look beautiful.

Birthstone Colors

Birthstone Colors

The use of these birthday stones in specified months was to provide spiritual healing and keep away evil spirits. In the early twentieth century, to be precise in 1912, the modern list of birthstones as per the associated month was adopted, but they all have been revised in 1952 and most recently in October of 2002.

In this article, below I am going to share some brief history on the birthday gemstones colors and their respective features. So now, keep reading this whole article to know more about the details of your birth and its meaning.

Birthstone Colors by Month and Meaning

This section will help you to find out what your birthstone is and what the actual meaning of your birthstone colors is. 

So now, keep reading this whole section to know more about your birthstone colors by month and meaning.

  • January Birthstone Garnet

January Birthstone Garnet

If you are a January born person, then your birthstone is garnet. This unique gem, you can find in the varieties of shades, including orange, green, purple, and pink.

However, this is most known for its pomegranate-red hue. Garnet refers to not just one, but a group of closely related stones. 

Almandine and pyrope both of them are the most popular, the latter type of garnet is known for its transparency and lack of defects.

Some of the garnet gems display asterism in the form of four-rayed stars, but they are very rare. Another interesting form of the garnet is the color-changing garnet, shades will be changed when you viewed it in natural light. 

Color combinations of this birthstone are from brown to orange and from pink to red. Garnet represents energy, confidence, and willpower. 

People born in this month are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. Whether you are a lover or a fighter, this birthstone will protect you and warn you of imminent danger.

  • February Birthstone Amethyst

February Birthstone Amethyst

If you are a February born person, then your birthstone is amethyst. Because of its dark purple color, early legends are associated amethyst with the Bacchus, the god of wine. 

Most of the people wear this birthstone to avoid drunkenness. Others thought that during war and trade, the amethyst would keep the wearer clear-headed and sharp-witted.

The amethyst birthstone represents peace and serenity, from the centuries, people have been using it in their religious and royal ornaments. 

The pope himself wears an amethyst ring, among other ornaments. It is also one of the icons of the 12 apostles. Those who are using an amethyst birthstone, they are known to be highly intelligent with the excellent business sense. 

They have often a pure mind that is full of positive and optimistic thoughts. With the help of their simple word or calming presence, they can easily set others. They are also known as a great listener, who can lend an ear to a friend as needed.

  • March Birthstone Aquamarine

March Birthstone Aquamarine

If you are a March born person, then your birthstone is Aquamarine. According to some ancient cultures, this sea-colored stone could protect sailors and guarantee a safe voyage. 

Most of the middle ages people think that wearing aquamarine will protect them safe from poisoning. 

As per the Roman tradition, they said that you can cut a frog into a gemstone to cover differences between enemies.

Most of the aquamarine birthstone, you can find in color from green to blue, the rarest with dark blue stones. 

Like emeralds, aquamarine is related to various types of a mineral called beryl. Six-sided crystals, which grow worldwide, can grow up to a foot long.

People with an aquamarine birthstone can invoke the serenity of the sea. Like those people who born in the previous month, March born babies can spread a sense of calm in the people who are living around them. 

They are known as great communicators, deeply valued for their honesty and compassion. Aquamarine personalities make for great arbitrators, adept at settling disputes in an impartial manner. 

Even under pressure, they are able to think clearly, express their views and make good decisions.

  • April Birthstone Diamond

April Birthstone Diamond

If you are an April born person, then your birthstone is diamond. These birthstones form under extreme pressure, which is about 100 miles below the surface of the Earth. 

Then, deep volcanic eruptions violently propel them upwards at speeds of 20 to 30 mph. Here, humans eventually uncover them.

With such a brilliant debut, it is not a surprising thing that the diamond personality persons are known for their determination and stubbornness. Nothing can push them back. 

The persons who have diamond personalities, they are incredibly difficult to break, and this strength makes them daring. They are not afraid to deal with any problem that comes in their way.

There is someone born in April on whom you can depend. With their fearless and stubborn personality, they are always ready to stand up for friends and family in their time of need. 

You might think that a diamond personality’s person would be arrogant, but the people who were born in April, they are known for their innocence. 

They often have a strong character and a strict moral code, which puts truth and faith above all. Because of their brilliant nature, they have also a fondness for all the luxury things.

  • May Birthstone Emerald

May Birthstone Emerald

People who were born in May, they will bear an emerald birthstone, which is Cleopatra’s favorite. According to the legends, this birthstone was one of the four stones given to the King of Solomon by God. 

When you keep this birthstone under your tongue, then it provides the ability to see the future. Some people also believe that the birthstone emerald can cure diseases like malaria and cholera, as well as it also protects from the bad spells.

The luxurious green color of the emerald reflects new growth. People born in this month are loving and compassionate. They have a habit of helping people see their differences and find common ground.

Often, friends seek you out for advice about your work, family issues, or relationships. This gemstone is related to love and fertility. People born in May are deep-minded romantics who seek out flirtatious encounters and lifelong soulmates. 

Once you become a friend of a May personality people, then you should have to prepare to have them in your life forever. Because of their perceptual abilities, emerald personalities become introverted.

They may become tired after spending time with a large group, aware of everyone’s feelings.

  • June Birthstone Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone 

June Birthstone Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone 

The people who were born in June, they have three birthstones to choose from and they are – Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone. You can go with one of them that resonates most with you and with your personality, or you can wear a combination of all three birthstones. 

June babies who born in early summer, they are mainly known for their sense of clarity and enthusiasm. During the Renaissance, pearls’ birthstone was a symbol of prestige and nobility, and it is worn mainly by the royals.

According to Mythologist, pearls were the teardrops of the mermaids, angels or moon’s pieces that fell in the sea. People with pearl personalities are comfortable and are adept at understanding new situations. 

They like to travel often, even if it means to leave their comfort zone. Because of its unique color-changing abilities, some people call alexandrite “emerald by day, ruby ​​by night”. 

The people with this birthstone, they are known for their keen eye, they have the ability to keep in watch on everything and everyone around them. 

If an alexandrite personality person faces some problem, then they are already working on a solution. The Roman historian Pliny the Elder gave the moonstone its name, by claiming that it replaced the appearance with the phases of the moon. 

This birthstone comes in a variety of colors from yellow, peach and pink to green and grey. The people who born in June often have an eagerness and must listen to their intuition. They always start making decisions at the most opportune moments and read more about June Birthstone color.

  • July Birthstone Ruby

July Birthstone Ruby

The people who were born in July, their birthstone is Ruby, a gem of kings. This birthstone is the symbol of power and wealth. 

People once thought that when they wore it over the heart on the left side of the body, the wearer and their home would be protected from dangers.

According to the ancient Burmese, they always believed in the protective properties of ruby, but they had different views about how it worked. 

Instead of wearing this birthstone, they thought they required to put it in their flesh. 

It is no surprise that people with ruby ​​personalities are often ostentatious and tend to pretend. They always love to sing and to become a part of the theatre performances. 

Their self-confidence helps them to become an excellent leader, even at a young age. People who born in July, are also known for their love and passion – in all the aspects of life, not in just relationships. 

They always radiate dazzle and energy to everyone around them. Instead of sitting in wait for the adventure, people who born in this month are at risk of action. 

  • August Birthstone Peridot

August Birthstone Peridot

If you are born in the August month, then your birthstone is Peridot. With its dark green color, the birthstone resembles emerald. 

For centuries, people thought that the Three Holy Kings Shrine in Cologne Cathedral, Germany, was decorated with the 200-carats of emeralds. However, this beautiful birthstones turned out to be peridot.

The birthstone exists deep below the mantle of the Earth – up to 95% of the global supply found in Arizona – before being flown to the surface by volcanoes. 

This birthstone is also found in meteorites. According to Ancient Egyptians, Peridot birthstone would protect the person who wears it from the terrors of the night, it would be called the “Gem of the Sun”.

People, who born this month have an incredible reputation. They welcome both strangers and friends to whatever they see. They like to be open with others because they are unwitting to be themselves.

Others immediately trust Peridot personalities due to their friendly and welcoming nature. People, who born in August are highly extroverted and effortlessly charming in nature. 

They do not want to be in the spotlight or being the center of attention. When they do not seek drama, they are able to take control of a crowd and show conviction when they faced a challenge.

  • September Birthstone Sapphire

September Birthstone Sapphire

The people, who were born in September, their birthstone is Sapphire. The birthstone sapphire is the symbol of wisdom, nobility, and loyalty.

The traditional sapphire, you will find in blue color, this birthstone comes in all colors of the rainbow, except red. This birthstone is most popular among the middle ages people.

Greeks wear this birthstone for the guidance and Buddhists though that this birthstone could bring them spiritual enlightenment.

Sapphire’s personality is calm and reserved, opening only to those who closest to them. They carefully understand what they say and often do not chime in with their opinions in large groups. 

When they build a sense of trust with others, it is usually deep, long-lasting and reliable. Sapphire Birthstone bearers indicate a calm type of dignity. 

They have a calm sense in any situation and, as a result, they can make calculated decisions even in a high-pressure environment. While people, who born in September can think on their feet, you will not find them bragging about it. 

You can hear about other achievements from a friend or family member. They are incredibly polite and will talk about themselves from others.

  • October Birthstone Opal and Pink Tourmaline

October Birthstone Opal and Pink Tourmaline

If you are an October born person, then you can go with two different birthstones which are opal and pink tourmaline. 

Tourmaline is known as one of the most colorful minerals over Earth, and the pink variety perfectly represents the October-born personality. During the hydrothermal activity, it is formed in fractures of the Earth’s cavities.

People, who are with a pink tourmaline personality, they are restless, explorers and adventurers seeking an untouched corner of the world. 

Although they may seem calm and composed from the outside, people born in October have racing minds, always wondering what is going to happen next. They are also known for their strong intuition.

On the other hand, opals have the richest and darkest colors. Each birthstone has a kaleidoscope effect, with the blazing reds, blues, greens, and purples. 

In many cultures, they have described opals as supernatural, capable of protecting against disease and giving the gift of prophecy. These birthstones are also a symbol of truth, hope, and purity.

Opal birthstone wearers are believed to be protective and loyal to those who close to them. They inspire positivity everywhere, making them good leaders and effective mentors.

  • November Birthstone Topaz

November Birthstone Topaz

The people, who were born in November, their birthstone is topaz, which is a label that incorporates all brown, orange and yellow translucent gems before the 1900s. 

Some people believed that this birthstone stone could attract gold, wealth and honor. According to the middle ages people, carved topaz was thought to bring special powers.

According to Saint Hildegard, who is a German abbess, philosopher, and mystic, he claimed that wine-soaked topaz, when gently rubbed over the eyes that cured dim vision.

Others believed that topaz makes the wearer invisible. When placed under a pillow, it can also ward off nightmares. The wearer of the topaz birthstone has a reputation for being lucky – especially in case of finances. 

The people, who were born in November, are also known to be the life of the party. They like to have a good time and, as a result, people are attracted to them. 

Often they are known as the center of their friend group or the person who holds the family together. According to their friends, they are generous, with an incredible ability to forgive all the past transgressions.

  • December Birthstone Blue Topaz, Turquoise, and Tanzanite

December Birthstone Blue Topaz, Turquoise, and Tanzanite

For the December born people, there are three different birthstones are available which are, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, and Tanzanite. 

The people who were born in this month, they are known to be intelligent beyond their years, often referred to as “old souls”.

Blue Topaz, a December birthstone, cures various ailments and attracts love. It is also believed to protect the wearer from the greed of others. 

The person who has a blue topaz personality, they are known for being sociable and comfortable in any situation.

Tanzanite, another birthstone of December, takes its name from the only known deposits of blue gemstones in northern Tanzania. 

People with this birthstone have a love for knowledge – they always attend a new class or have a book in their hands. They are happy to start their conversation with a stranger and happy to do a debate on different opinions. 

The person who was born in December, they also belong to the turquoise birthstone. A turquoise birthstone is a mineral that ranging in the color from the sky blue to yellow-green, which was most popular among the ancient Aztecs and Egyptians. 

People with a turquoise personality, they are known to be honest and intelligent. They also know well how to persevere. Once they decide on a goal, they put their entire energy to achieve it.

Final Words

I hope so, all the details that I have shared above in this article will be beneficial for you. With this article, you will be able to collect more information about the birthstone colors by month and meaning. To read and follow this whole article, you will be able to know more about your birthstone based on your birth month.

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