How to Celebrate Barbecue Birthday For Kids

Barbecue Birthday For Kids – Hearing the word picnic always brings wonderful memories. How much more if you celebrate your kid’s special day in a picnic style and venue? That would be a whole lot of fun and excitement! Celebrating a birthday in picnic parks is not a difficult task. You just have to head to your child’s favorite picnic place and lay your picnic cloth, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Going to a picnic park for a birthday celebration does not entail much effort. Celebrating a birthday in a picnic area means more space and time for games and activities. It also does not impose limits as to whom you are going to invite. You can invite both young and older children. For the young ones, you just have to make sure that they have guardians or that their parents are also around to ensure their kid’s safety.

Picnic / Barbecue Birthday For Kids

Barbecue Birthday For Kids

Having a picnic and at the same time celebrating a birthday would surely appeal to both boys and girls of all ages. Make sure you prepare plenty of activities for the kids so they can maximize the venue.

Picnic / Barbecue Birthday Invitations

Prepare invitations in the shape of a basket with flowers or a basket full of foodstuff. To do this, cut out a picture or print a picture of a basket with flowers of food and mount it on a card. Cut the card following the shape of the basket. Write the details at the back of the card. Another idea is to draw a picnic cloth on a white card and decorate it with stickers such as food stickers, flower, and animal stickers. Provide birthday details and instructions at the back of the card.

Make sure to inform our guests to wear comfortable clothes and to bring extra clothes just in case they get dirty while participating in activities. You can also invite the parents of your young visitors to help you manage the celebration and to help you ensure the children’s safety.

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Barbecue Birthday Decoration For Kids

Aside from the usual picnic basket, picnic cloth, and flowers, bring birthday banners and balloons to make the venue festive. Find a good spot to tie your balloons and banner. Spread out several picnic cloths where everyone can sit. Also, provide an area where you can put your food and eating utensils. Make sure you provide enough plates, glass, spoons, and a fork for everyone. If you will conduct several games, make sure to prepare the necessary materials for it. Use lively and colorful picnic cloth and choose a serene and lovely place to hold your kid’s picnic birthday party. A good place can be in a seashore, a riverbank, in lakeshore, or in a high area overlooking mountains and valleys of flowers.

Games and Activities

You will not run out of ideas for the games and activities in a picnic-style birthday party. You can have a relay game, a scavenger hunt, a Frisbee game, a dodge ball game, kite flying, or other birthday contests. Opportunities and fun are endless in a picnic setting. You can also facilitate other exciting games that would make use of balloons, puzzles, and other materials that are easy to bring such as board games. Eating contests are also common in a picnic-style birthday celebration.

Aside from the games and activities, you can also have a nature walk with the kids. Along the way you or some of the adults can provide some trivia and other information with regards to nature, plants, and animals that they might encounter along the way. You may also opt to hire a tour guide to do this for you. If in case the picnic venue is in a lakeshore, you can involve the kids with fishing or boating activities to add more fun to the birthday celebration. If there is a boating facility, make sure that it has all the safety tools and gears as well as life-saving facilities to ensure the safety and wellness of everyone.

Birthday Food

Bring common picnic food plus the birthday cake. For this type of event, you can bring sandwiches, barbecues, fruit platters, vegetables and chips with dips, cupcakes, fries, hotdogs, grilled chicken with mashed potato, and ice cream for dessert. For the drinks, bring plenty of water as well as fruit juices in different flavors. You may also opt to bring sodas in different colors and flavors.

Birthday Favors

To send home your guests with a smile, hand out small baskets of goodies such as chocolates, candies, fruits, and cookies. Your birthday favor should go along well with the theme and venue of the celebration. A basket full of goodies would be perfect.

Final Verdict:

So, now you have a complete guide to celebrating Barbecue Birthday For Kids and all the elements covered for you. If you still have any query please let us know in the comment section below.

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