Celebrate Curious George Birthday Party Theme

Go bananas for your little monkey’s birthday party by throwing a Curious George birthday party. This party theme is perfect for little boys from 1 to 5 years old. Invite all of the neighborhood kids and your friends with toddlers and preschoolers.

Celebrate Curious George Birthday Theme

for Curious George Birthday Party Theme

Invitations for Curious George Birthday Theme

PBS has made it super easy to make a Curious George invitation by making available free downloadable official Curious George invites and thank you cards on their website. If you want to get a bit more creative though you might want to send out the card with a little something extra. Punch a hole at the side of the invite and thread a ribbon through it. Tie the ribbon around a big ripe yellow banana or attach it to a big yellow safari hat. Don’t forget to ask the parents to attend!

Curious George Birthday Party Theme Decorations

Again, PBS has a free official Curious George printable available online. You can just download and print out nameplates, napkin rings, party hats, and table confetti. For the rest of the party area you can enlarge posters of Curious George at the zoo, riding a bike, flying a kite, and of course blowing a birthday cake. Hang the posters around the party area. You can also have someone dress up as the “Man in the Hat” by donning an all-yellow safari outfit and high brown boots. Don’t forget the yellow hat and scarf! Hang brightly colored balloons of different colors as well as streamers but stick to yellow with the table cloth. You can make the plates and cups more fun by using brown paper plates and cups and gluing ears to them using darker brown card stock. Just draw in the rest of Curious George’s face on the plates and cups.

Curious George Birthday Cake

Baking your own Curious George cake will require a simple round chocolate cake. Make two additional half-circles for the ears. Use chocolate frosting for the outline of the hair and use a lighter brown frosting like caramel for the rest of the face. Use two Oreos for the eyes and line with white frosting. Use the rest of the chocolate frosting to outline the eyebrows, nose, and lips.

Games and Activities for Curious George Birthday Party Theme

  • Curious George Special Appearance. Hire a trained chimpanzee for the day. Ask the handler to come as the “Man in the Hat” if possible. Let the kids pet and cuddle the chimp, but always only with the handler’s supervision.
  • Curious Crafters. Set aside a table as the crafts area. Let the kids make Curious George puppets out of brown paper bags, pre-cut brown card stock (for ear, eyes, and tail), markers, and glue. Make sure there’s always an adult to supervise the area. You can also have a pile of coloring pages of Curious George and other jungle animals that the kids can color.
  • George Says. Play the game “Simon Says” but substitute George for Simon. Just do very simple actions since you are expecting very young guests. Encourage the parents to play along.
  • Best Monkey Contest. Have the kids take turns imitating a noisy monkey as best as they could. The best monkey act wins.
  • Curious George Treasure Hunt. Hide the stack of party favors all in one area. Ask the kids to help each other finding the treasure. Place the box of treasures under a fake boulder or any other decor.

Food and Drinks for Curious George Birthday Party Theme

  • Monkeywich. Use a cookie cutter to make the sandwiches look like monkey heads. Use wheat bread instead of white bread. Use raisins as eyes and nose, and chocolate syrup to make lips.
  • Animal biscuits. You can just buy animal biscuits or make your own sugar cookies in the shape of different jungle animals.
  • Veggie platter. Arrange a bunch of crunchy vegetables around a platter and place the dip in the middle. Serve chilled.
  • Banana Split. Have a dessert section where people can put together their own banana splits. Aside from the bunch of bananas, have several ice cream flavors ready to be scooped and lots of choices for toppings. Some great toppings include nuts, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, sprinkles, and cherries.

Party Favors for Curious George Birthday Party Theme

For party favors, use little rattan baskets as loot bags. Fill the basket with jungle animal stickers, banana-shaped candies, bean bags, Curious George coloring pages, and a yellow bandanna.

Party Supplies for Curious George Birthday Party Theme

You will need lots of Curious George posters and printouts, yellow fabric for table cloths, and brown paper cups, plates, paper bags, and card stock for crafts.

Tips for Curious George Birthday Party Theme

If you can’t get a chimp, rent any other trained monkey and inform the kids that Curious George’s cousin or friends dropped by to visit.

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