Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Ideas

Hello Parents, Today we are going to share another birthday party theme idea so you can celebrate your kid’s birthday with his/her favorite cartoon character “Dora”. If your kid loves Dora and Friends cartoon, then you can follow this guide on “Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Ideas” and take help from this guide to make your kid’s birthday more enjoyable.

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Ideas

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party

Ola Amigos! Dora and her friends are excited to celebrate your child’s special day. Dora-themed parties are perfect for little girls ages 2 to 6 years old. Invite all of your little girl’s friends for a day of Dora adventure.

Dora Birthday Invitations

Download pictures of Dora with her friends and personalize the card by adding your daughter in the picture. If you are nifty with the computer, you can even cartoonize your child before inserting her image. Print out the picture on a plain 3 x 5 card stock and write the party details at the back.

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Decorations

Buy tons of Dora the Explorer posters or print out a bunch. Hang the posters around the party area. You can use posters with different Dora themes like Dora as a pirate, in a fiesta, etc. You can also hang a poster of Dora and one of each of her friends. Festoon the place with bright colorful buntings and balloons. Buy Dora party packs to use for table cloths, plates, cups, utensils, party hats, and name tags.

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Birthday Cake

Dora the Explorer is a very popular birthday party theme that you can be sure to find a baker that can customize a good Dora-themed cake. Ask your child if she wants a Dora cake or for the cake to be one of Dora’s friends. If you want to bake your own cake, go with a simple sheet cake and decorate with ready-made cake toppers.

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Games and Activities

Dora’s Pull-String Pinata. Buy a Dora-themed pull-string pinata and fill it with goodies. A pull-string pinata would be better for kids this age since it is much safer and easier for them. Before the birthday celebrant pulls on the string, ask the kids to shout “Uno, Dos, Tres!” at the same time.

Boots Appearance. Rent a trained monkey for the day. Ask the handler to let “Boots” perform some tricks or simply allow the kids to pet and play with the monkey for a few minutes.

Dora’s Dancing and Singing Time. Pop in some of the most popular Dora music and let the kids have a blast singing and dancing in time with the music.

Dora Bracelets. Let the kids into making their own Dora bracelets using a small yellow bead and one big blue round or flower bead. Assist the smaller kids in threading the beads into an elastic string and tying the ends. After the kids finish making the bracelets shout “We did it. Hooray!”

Dora’s Treasure Hunt. Place a big map that the kids have to follow inside a big purple backpack, preferably with a big smile in front to resemble Dora’s backpack. Make the map very simple with only three stops before the X that mark’s the location of the treasure. At the location of the treasure, have the kids answer a simple question like “Who is Dora’s cousin?”, before opening the treasure chest. The treasure chest should contain all the party favors, so do this activity towards the end of the party. Every time the kids lag, give them a little encouragement by shouting “Vamanos!” (hurry up! or faster!).

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Ideas, Food and Drinks

Swiper Sandwiches. Make bite-sized sandwiches and watch them disappear really fast right before your eyes!

Tico’s Tacos. Serve tacos but use soft tacos to make handling a little easier for the kids. Let the kids decide on the taco toppings they want so make sure you have everything from the basic ground beef and pork to salsa sauce, cheese, guacamole, and more.

Benny’s Snacks. Benny may eat grass but trail mix will do instead as Benny’s snack. Make sure little kids allergic to nuts don’t get their hands on any of Benny’s snacks.

Boot’s Choconanas. Freeze a bunch of bananas. When it’s time to serve the food, dip the frozen bananas on melted chocolate and cover them with sprinkles or nuts.

For drinks, serve smoothies or tropical juices like mango and pineapple juice.

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Favors

Use purple backpacks to put the party favors in. Fill the backpack with useful stuff that Dora might find in her backpack during one of her adventures like plastic binoculars, rulers, a mini map that the kids can color, and other goodies like Dora stickers, stuffed toys, and coloring pages.

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Supplies

You will need lots of Dora the Explorer posters, colorful balloons and buntings, and purple backpacks.

Dora and Friends Birthday Theme Party Ideas & Tips

If you don’t have purple backpacks just buy plain white drawstring canvass bags and dye them purple. Use fabric pens to draw the backpack’s face.

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