Happy Birthday in French – Birthday Wishes in French 2020 Collection

If you have a French friend or any relative person, who is living in France, whose birthday is coming up and if you are looking for some best “Happy Birthday in French” to wish your French friend or relative on this special occasion, then now, you don’t need to worry.

With this article, I am going to share some best Happy Birthday Wishes in French that you can use to wish your French friend and relative who is living in France and make him feel so special on this special day of his/her life. 

So now, keep reading and follow this whole article to know more about them.

Happy Birthday in French

Happy Birthday in French

Do you want to celebrate your French friend’s birthday to wish him? If yes, then this section will help you to do so.

With this section, I am going to cover some best “Happy Birthday in French” wishes that you can use to wish your French friend on his/her special day.

For any aspiring French learner, wishing “Happy Birthday” in French is one of the most important phrases.

In fact, most of the French learner, first learn how to speak “Happy Birthday” in French, before learning how to actually speak the French language.

How to Say Happy Birthday in French Language?

  • Happy birthday! – Joyeux anniversaire !
  • Happy birthday! – Bon Anniversaire!
  • A birthday – Un Anniversaire

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So, it is fun to know something about wishing your French friend a happy birthday that means it is too special for them.

So now, how to do it? This section will help you to do so. In this section, below I am going to share a list in which you can find a collection of “happy birthday” wishes in French, so now, let’s take a look below at each of them.

Happy Birthday in French Wishes:

Je crois qu’il n’y a pas besoin de longs messages. Juste une petite prière pour t’apporter ma bénédiction. Bon anniversaire !

Je sais que c’est l’année de ta vie au cours de laquelle ta carrière va prospérer et tes rêves deviendront réalité. N’oublie pas de tout le temps sourire. Bon anniversaire !

Je n’oublierai jamais ton jour spécial chaque année. Cette année, je prie pour ton succès. Je te souhaite un anniversaire merveilleux et réussi aujourd’hui et à davantage d’années à venir.

Un anniversaire est un signe que Dieu est en train de réaliser quelque chose de meilleur dans notre vie. Cela signifie seulement qu’il a stocké toutes les meilleures choses de ce monde dans notre vie. Soyez reconnaissants à jamais. Bon anniversaire !

Permet-moi de t’adresser mes plus chaleureuses salutations d’anniversaire. En te souhaitant un chemin rempli de joie, de bénédictions, et de vie heureuse. Bon anniversaire !

Une autre année incroyable s’offre à toi. Es-tu excité ? Commence à accueillir de nouvelles bénédictions dans ta vie et oublie les erreurs du passé. Heureux anniversaire !

J’adore le thème de ton anniversaire et tout le reste. J’espère que tout se passera de la façon que tu as prévu. Profite, amuse-toi, et tires-en le meilleur parti. Bon anniversaire !

Permet-moi de te souhaiter un merveilleux anniversaire, ma chérie (for a girl, ou « mon chéri » for a man). Tu as été si parfaite (parfait for a man) toutes ces années. Je pense que davantage de bénédictions viendront à toi. Bon anniversaire !

Je vais te chanter un joyeux anniversaire. Je vais te donner le cadeau que tu as demandé. Et surtout, je vais te souhaiter une vie prospère et pleine de réussite. Bon anniversaire !

About the French Language

French, which is known as a Romance language, and it is one of the world’s major languages. Once you can speak French, then you will be able to make a conversation with the people throughout the world.

French, which is a Romance language is a language that uses Latin and historically it was spoken by the ancient Romans. 

And while it shares the descriptor of Romance with the heavyweights such as Spanish and Italian. So, it is undoubtedly one of the most attractive Romance languages.

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You will be surprised to know that after English, French is known as another top language that is taught in every country throughout the world.

Still, French is a working language of the United Nations and European Union as well as many other international organizations including the International Labor Organization, Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, and the Red Cross.

Final Words

So now, if you have any French friend or any relative person who is living in France and his/her birthday is coming up, then with this article, you will be able to wish him/her “Happy Birthday in French” and can make him/her feel so special on this special occasion of his/her life.

Now, if you are feeling, this article is beneficial for you or if you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this article, then you can drop your comment below in the given comment section and can share your experience with us.

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