How Many 3s in the Image Riddle Answer – Birthday Party Riddle Game

We are always loved to provide you best birthday party games where riddles are one of the best out of them. Today we are coming up with an amazing puzzle image game that you can use for birthday party games and it will surely test everyone’s eyesight because how many 3s in the image puzzle is quite unique and popular these days.

In this game, you can check the image and you will find a phone dialer where you will find the same number on the dialer pad. Here, you need to count and explain How Many 3’s In the Image. Basically, the person who is facing this puzzle game, that counts the number three in the image.

How Many 3s in the Image Puzzle – Riddle Answer

How Many 3s in the Image

We have the right answer on the image where you need to explain how many 3s are in the image puzzle; you can check the answer and while playing the game can answer before anyone else.

How Many 3s in the Image Riddle Answer?

  • Answer: The answer to “how many 3s in the image” is “19”.

How to Find How Many 3s in the Image Puzzle?

After checking the real answer, you might be thinking but how this answer is correct? Well, you might need this clarification after answering it at the birthday party. After checking the image closely, you will find that there are 3 numbers mentioned in multiple locations on the image. You can check our image marked below.

How Many 3s in the Image Riddle Answer

You can count the number “3” on the top side where you will find it 16 times and, on the dialer, there are 4 more “3s” and in total, it will be 19 which is the answer we provide you above.

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