How to Celebrate Chef Birthday Party Theme

Chef Birthday Party Theme

Chef Birthday Party Theme

Ready for some supersize fun? A chef-themed birthday party where kids can make what they eat will surely make for full tummies, big messes, and even bigger smiles. This kind of party will be a big hit for boys and girls of all ages but is ideal for tweens. Set the party to start several hours before mealtime so kids can have time to prepare their food. Limit the number of guests so that everyone can fit in the kitchen to cook.

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Invitations for Chef Birthday Party Theme

Two of the best options for a Chef’s birthday party invites are recipe card invites and menu invites. If you are going to send out a recipe card invite, use a font that looks like you scribbled down the details yourself. Punch a hole at the corner of the invite and attach it to a spatula or mixing spoon with a ribbon. If you are going to send out menu invites, use a fancy font and write down the details in sections just like you would the courses. Print it out on fancy hard paper and fold it like you would a menu. In front, add a logo and write down “_________’s Cafe/Kitchen”. At the back of the menu, invite add a location map and your full address.

Decorations of Chef Birthday Party Theme

Transform your kitchen into a professional kitchen. Buy fresh herbs and hang them for a great smelling kitchen. Hide all your precious china and just use gleaming pots and pans and any other kitchen utensils the kids will later use for decor. Transform your dining room to a gourmet restaurant and set the table beforehand. Make sure the napkins are folded really nicely and everything matches. If you want to go for an outdoor cafe feel instead just set several tables outside, cover them with a checkered table cloth, and add shakers and a single flower in the middle as a centerpiece.

Birthday Cake for Chef Birthday Party Theme

Buy a really nice chef-inspired cake but have a plain moist bare cake ready for the kids to cover with frosting and icing as they please. You can also opt to not even buy a customized cake and just buy cupcakes with white or colored toques on top.

Games and Activities on Chef Birthday Party Theme

As soon as the kids arrive hand out toques and aprons for them to put on. If you have enough time you can embroider the kid’s name on the chef uniforms or you can just write their names on sticker labels and attach it to the uniforms.

Personalize It for Chef Birthday Party Theme

Have a table full of crafts materials like plastic rhinestones, sequins, glue, and fabric markers. You can also have cloth patches of spoons, fruits, mugs, and any kitchen-related stuff. Give the kids time to personalize their uniforms. They get to take home their uniforms as a party favor.

Cooking time

Ready your pizza dough and ingredients, cookie dough, cake, icing of different colors, sprinkles, and toppers. Divide the kids into three groups. Have one group work on the pizza, one on the cookies, and another on the cake. Place instruction cards prominently on each section of the kitchen. Make sure there’s an adult supervising each group.

Hungry chefs

While waiting for the pizza, hold a hotdog eating contest. The chef who can finish his hotdog the fastest wins.

Chef’s day off

After eating give the kids time to relax while watching an episode of a popular cooking show like Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, or Iron Chef. Ask your child to pick which one he likes best. Serve drinks and gourmet popcorn while they watch.

Food and Drinks

Chef’s creations. Serve the pizza that the kids made as well as the cookies and cakes they decorated.

Chef’s food. Serve some of the food the kids will be seeing on the show they will watch later. Recipes of the food served in TV shows are usually posted on the network’s website. If the recipes are a bit difficult for you, you can ask for a professional chef’s help and have it catered to your house or you can look up a simpler way to cook the dish on the Internet.

For drinks, serve non-alcoholic or de-alcoholized wines. Buy pre-mixed wine tasting packs. Have a wine list with a short description of each wine beside their plates.

Party Favors

As party favors send the kids home with their chef uniforms, recipes of the food served that day, and a bottle of de-alcoholized wine.

Party Supplies

You will need lots of white fabric for the chef uniforms and kitchen gadgets for the cooking activity.

Tips for Chef Birthday Party Theme

If you cannot find de-alcoholized wine just serve sparkling soda in champagne flutes.

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