How to Celebrate Fairies Birthday Party with Decoration Ideas

Fairies Birthday Party – Enchanting! That’s one word that will definitely describe a day of fun with fairies. Give your daughter a magical birthday with a fairy-themed party. This party theme is perfect for little girls from 3 to 8 years who will surely love to flutter around pretending to be little fairies. Invite all of her girlfriends. Boys are welcome too.

How to Celebrate Fairies Birthday Party

Fairies Birthday Party

Fairies Birthday Invitations

Print the party details using the very very small script on a piece of paper, preferably parchment paper. Burn the edges so that the paper looks old. Roll up with a tiny ribbon and attach to a magnifying glass. Give the invites personally, explaining that you need help decoding the small fairy artifact you find. Make sure to ask everyone to come in their cutest fairy costumes. Boys can also come as fairies since there are plenty of boy fairies they can imitate. At the least encourage them to come as Tom Thumb or Peter Pan.

Fairies Birthday Party Decorations

The theme is whimsical so makes everything look airy, light, and magical. Start by using white chiffon drapes hung from the middle of the room to the walls to make it look like you in the clouds. Make big fake flowers from different colored crepe paper and place them around the room. Add a butterfly or fairy wing on top of some flowers. Hang pastel-colored balloons and fairy wings all over the place. Scatter some confetti from the entrance to the buffet table and tell the kids that it’s fairy dust. For plates, cups, and utensils buy fairy party packs or use pastel-colored ones.

Fairies Birthday Party Cake

Baking a fairy-themed cake is not that hard since there are fairy cake kits available online and in party stores. It will require baking a simple sheet cake or a layered cake. Frosting the cake with white or green, and using the ready-made flowers and fairies in the kit to top the cake. Just add flair to the cake by adding small vines and florets using pink and green icing.

Fairies Birthday Party Games and Activities

Fairy Face Painting. As each guest arrives point them to a face painting area where they can get their faces painted. You can do face painting yourself, drawing simple hearts, wings, and stars, or you can hire a professional face painter for more fancy face tattoos.

Fairy Crafts. Designate an area as a crafts area where kids can either make flower wreaths, fairy wands, and color some fairy coloring pages. For the wreath, have piles of ready-made wreaths and just let the kids decorate them by adding small silk flowers, wings, and ribbons. For the fairy wands have some sticks and let the kids cover them with crepe paper or ribbons and add a star on one end.

Fairy Tale Telling. Have the kids sit in a circle and settle down. Tell your daughter’s favorite fairytale or make up your own. Make sure you are very animated. You can even use props. Encourage participation by asking the kids what they think will happen next before proceeding with the story.

Find the Flying Fairies. Place small plastic or paper fairies inside some balloons before filling them with helium. When you say go ask the kids to pull down balloons and try to pop them. Make sure the ribbons are long enough for them to pull the balloons down easily. Everyone who finds a fairy inside a popped balloon gets a prize.

Frozen Fairies. Play the stop dance. Use whimsical music and ask the kids to twirl around instead of dancing.

Food and Drinks for Fairies Birthday Party 

Fairies don’t each a lot but when they eat they like oats and anything with honey and spices like ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Chicken and honey. Serve some chicken fingers and make or buy the honey mustard dip to go along with it. You can also serve other stuff like fish and chips, and anything else that will taste good with honey mustard dip.

Cinnamon rolls. Instead of cupcakes, serve cinnamon rolls, which will be a sure hit with fairies.

Ginger cookies. Serve a platter of ginger cookies along with cold milk to help wash them down.

Nutmeg ice cream. There are lots of simple nutmeg ice cream recipes on the Internet. If you have an ice cream maker, go ahead and make your own nutmeg flavored ice cream.

For drinks, give the fairies what they love best – dewdrops and nectar. Since your little fairies’ thirst will not be quenched by dewdrops and pure nectar, serve ice-cold water instead and tell them you collected the dew drops. Serve nectar, which simply means diluted fruit juices.

Fairies Birthday Party Favors

Use a pastel-colored drawstring bag and fill it with fairy stickers, bubble makers, candies, beaded bracelets, and glitter.

Party Supplies for Fairies Birthday Party

You will need lots of sheer white fabric, crepe paper for the flowers, confetti, balloons, fairy coloring pages and toys, ready-made wreaths, ribbons, sticks, and silk flowers.

Tips for Fairies Birthday Party

Have a boxful of wings ready just in case a child arrives without a costume.

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