Karaoke Birthday For Kids – Best Karaoke Birthday Party Ideas

Singing in the shower is fun, but singing live with a microphone along with your best friends is even more so. Let your child have a blast singing on her special day with a karaoke-themed birthday party. A karaoke birthday party is great for all kids who love to sing but is especially suited for girls from 10 to 14 years old.

Karaoke Birthday For Kids

Karaoke Birthday For Kids

Invitations for Karaoke Birthday For Kids

Create a fun and unique invite for your child’s birthday party by printing out a cute microphone in plain card stock. Write the words “Sing your heart out!” on the round part. Use the rest of the mic for the party details. You can also make an ordinary invite with musical notes and a microphone stand and write the party details at the back. Punch a hole at the corner of this card and thread a ribbon through it. Attach the invite to a plastic toy microphone. Request the guests to bring their plastic mics with them to the party so they can sing along with each number.

Karaoke Party Decorations

The heart and soul of each karaoke party are, of course, the karaoke machine. You can rent out a karaoke bar for the afternoon to take care of all the equipment and just hang balloons. If you’re holding the party at your own place, you can buy one as an early present for your child or rent one just for the party. If you buy your own karaoke system, make sure you also have the latest tunes to sing along with. Beside the tv screen, place a mic stand and a stool, ready for the singers.

Position the tables and chairs so that they surround the “karaoke stage”. Place the buffet table at the other end of the room, away from the mic. At the front door, place huge cardboard cut out of a musical note or microphone and hang metallic balloons and streamers. Inside, festoon the party area with more metallic balloons and streamers. Find a cloth with musical notes printed all over it and use that as a tablecloth. In the middle of each table place copies of the song choices as well as a bowl of trail mix to munch on.

Karaoke Birthday Cake

Ask you, baker, to make you a microphone or musical note cake. You can also make your own mic cake by putting together a small round cake and a thin long triangular cake and frosting it to look like a mic. For a musical note cake, just go with a round cake and place a huge note right in the middle of the cake. You can use, any color of icing for this one.

Games and Activities for Karaoke Birthday For Kids

  • Karaoke Time. Most of the birthday party will be spent singing karaoke. Make sure that no one hogs the microphone and that everyone who wants to sing gets a chance to do so.
  • Name that Tune. Play a few notes of some popular songs. The first person to guess the song either gets a prize or an extra turn at the karaoke.
  • Coolest Yodel. Ask for volunteers to take their turns yodeling in the microphone. The coolest and funniest yodel gets a prize.
  • Pinata. Buy a mic-shaped or musical note-shaped pinata. Fill it with candies and confetti.

Food and Drinks for Karaoke Birthday Party

People will be quite busy singing during the entire party so make sure you serve food that is easy to eat and won’t be too hard to wash down. Ideal karaoke party food includes peanuts, pretzels, bite-sized brownies and sandwiches, cookies, cocktail hot dogs on toothpicks, and vegetable sticks.

Aside from serving finger food, you should also provide small plates and bowls that people will find easy to carry around since it is likely they’ll be refilling their plates or moving from one table to another.

For drinks, serve the usual soda and juices, but don’t forget to serve hot tea as well. This is for would-be singers who take their pipes seriously.

Party Favors for Karaoke Birthday 

Fill the loot bags with music-themed stickers, a compilation CD of your child’s favorite songs, cookies, and candies.

Karaoke Party Supplies

You will need lots of balloons and streamers, card stock for invites, lots of printing paper for copies of the song list, music-inspired tablecloths, and tableware. You will, of course, also need a karaoke system including the microphone and stool for the singer.

Tips for Karaoke Birthday For Kids

If you purchase a new karaoke system make sure you give it a try before the day of the party. Most karaoke systems nowadays are plug-n-play so it should not really pose a problem.

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