LEGO Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old

Building time! Little thinkers and tinkers will surely appreciate LEGO Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old. Lego parties are great for boys and girls, though boys from 6 to 9 years old will likely be the most thrilled with the party theme. Invite all of your kid’s classmates and friends.

LEGO Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old

LEGO Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old

LEGO Birthday Party LEGO Invitations

Download the “Lego Creator” program from their website and spell out the name of your child using it. Add any design you want. Print out the design on plain card stock. You can add a map at the back of the card and any other party details you did not include in your creation. Save your design for the decor part.

LEGO Birthday Party Decorations

Based on the design you made with the Lego Creator, build a huge model of your son’s name and use that as the centerpiece. Use primary colors to decorate the party area, from the balloons and streamers to the tableware. You can also buy Lego-themed tableware online or in party stores. Instead of using real platters for some of the food, build trays and bowls out of legos. You can place food items such as cupcakes and lollipops on the lego servers. Designate an area just for lego building. The kids can either build on a clear floor or on a rubber mat.

LEGO Birthday Party Cake

When baking a lego cake, you can either make different sizes of cake and piece them together side by side and in layers. Color each cake piece a different color. You can also just bake one or two layers of sheet cake and try to get the lego effect by using different colored frosting. Whichever method you use, try to make each cake “block” as rectangular as possible. At the top place several round sugar cookies with the same color as the top “block”.

LEGO Birthday Party Games and Activities

  • Lego Kit Building. Buy several Lego kits. Make sure you have age-appropriate kits. For birthday parties, a kit that’s too easy to build is better than one that’s too hard, since you don’t want the kids to get stuck and frustrated during the party. You can get robotics kits for the older kids and car kits for the younger ones.
  • Lego Mystery Jar. Fill a large clear jar with Lego blocks. Let the guests guess, and write down in a pad beside the jar, how many blocks they think there are in the jar. The kid with the nearest guess gets to take home the jar.
  • Message on a Wall. Build two to three mini-walls using Duplos (large Lego blocks). Write a mystery message on the wall. Deconstruct the wall and heap the blocks of each wall in a pile. Divide the kids into groups and ask them to rebuild their walls. The first group to decipher the message wins.
  • Lego Movie Screening. Show a Lego movie while the kids relax. Ask your child to pick which movie he likes. You’ll find lots of choices in Lego’s website.

LEGO Birthday Party Food and Drinks

Square pizza. Order some square pizza for a lego-like pizza. Order pepperoni to make it look like the dots on top of Lego blocks.

Lasagna. Instead of making sure that the servings are even, do the opposite. Carefully slice the lasagna to look like Lego blocks. You can also add red or yellow dots at the top.

For the other party food, just make sure that all those that can be served in Lego trays and bowls are presented that way. For example, you can serve chips and even chicken nuggets in Lego bowls. Just line the sides with waxed paper to keep both the food and the tray clean. Obviously, food that has covering, like candies and cupcakes, can be served in Lego trays.

For drinks, serve different colored soda and juice. Make sure they come in primary colors!

LEGO Birthday Party Favors

You can buy Lego-themed loot bags and boxes in party stores. Fill them with candies, toys, and a Lego kit. You can also add a DVD of the Lego movie, or another Lego movie, that you just watched.

LEGO Birthday Party Supplies

You will need lots of Lego blocks, to be used for everything from centerpieces, games, giveaways, and serving dishes.. You will also need balloons and tableware in primary colors.

LEGO Birthday Party Tips

Instead of ordering in pizza, bake your own square pizza so you can make sure it looks as Lego-like as possible. Use only round ingredients like pepperoni as toppings. And like the lasagna, make sure you don’t divide each pizza block evenly.

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So, these are some of the best things you can apply while celebrating LEGO Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old or 7 year old kids. If you still have any queries, then you can comment down your queries or feedback and our birthday party expert will help you to solve your queries.

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