Preschool Magic Activities & Games Ideas for a Magic Theme Party

Are you going to organize a birthday party for your child? If yes, then I have a nice birthday party theme that you can use to celebrate your kid’s birthday party and make him feel happy on his/her special day. 

To organize your kid’s birthday party you can go with a Magic theme party. And at this birthday party, you can arrange magic theme child activities, in which, your son/daughter can enjoy his/her special day with their close friends and family members. This will be a great option for you to celebrate your kid’s birthday party.

With this article, I am going to share some best preschool magic activities or magic theme child activity ideas that you can use to organize the coolest ever Magic theme party for your son/daughter and make him feel happy on his/her special day. So now, simply read and follow this whole article to know more about Magic theme child activity ideas.

Preschool Magic Activities & Games Ideas for a Magic Theme Party

Preschool Magic Activities

Do you want to organize a magic theme birthday party for your kid to celebrate his/her birthday? If yes, then this section will help you to do so. With this section, I am going to share some best preschool magic activities that you can use to celebrate a magic theme birthday party. So now, simply read and follow this whole section to know more about them.

  • Sneaky Magician

Sneaky Magician

In this preschool magic activity, first, you have to choose a kid from the party who will be the Sneaky Magician and then you have to let him/her sit in a chair blindfolded. Then you have to place a special magical item beneath the chair (item can be a deck of cards, wand, top hat, magic eight ball, etc.) that should be protected by the Sneaky Magician from the thieves.

While playing this game, only one thief can try to steal from the Sneaky Magician at a given time period. Because the Sneaky Magician is blindfolded, he/she should use their sense of hearing and should listen closely to the thief. 

When they realize that the thief is around, then the Sneaky Magician has tried to touch the thief with their feet or hands and don’t allow them to steal the magical item. A thief who is touch or caught by the Sneaky Magician, then he/she becomes the next Sneaky Magician. 

If the Sneaky Magician doesn’t catch the thief then another can try and steal the magical item.

  • Card House Building

Card House Building

In this game, you have to give each kid a deck of cards and then you have to set a three-minute time limit for them. Once you say “Go”, then the kids who have a deck of cards, they have to start building their own card houses. And then within the given time limit, the highest card-building will win this game. If you want, then you can consider making the card houses time limit a bit longer, that can be 5 or even 10 minutes, within this time limit the card houses can become much bigger.

  • Magic Bean Taste

Magic Bean Taste

In this game, first, you have to take a container of magic beans and then you have to use it for this magic theme child activity. You have to give a sheet of paper to each party guest and have them a number from 1 to 10. 

Then you have to give each guest the first flavor and let them eat it. Then when they all have determined about the flavor, then they have to write it down on their sheet of paper and when everyone completes this process, then you have to tell them the right answer. 

If they are correct with the answers then they can make a circle that one. You have to continue this process until all the 10 flavors have been tasted and guessed by them. The player who give the most correct answers/will be the winner of the game. 

Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans should be with the outrageous flavors like sardines, black pepper, and tutti frutti that can be lots of fun for this magic theme child activity. Usually, you can find a big selection of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans being auctioned on eBay. This is one of the coolest magic theme child activity ideas.

  • String Tangle Child Activity

String Tangle Child Activity

For this game, there is only one item needed and that is a string. For this game, at the party, you have to take out the string and then ask each party guest to try and tie a knot, without letting go of the string. This game is not very difficult to play. But if you try it by yourself, then it will not be easy as you thought. 

Let’s see who can do it first, whoever can get a prize. If no one knows about this game, then here is how to play it: First, you have to spread the string flat on a table. Then you have to fold your arms. Now, all the game members have to take each end of the string with their each hand (to hold the left side of the string, remember you have to use your right hand, instead you have your arms folded… and vice-versa – to hold the right side of the string, you have to use your left hand). 

Then, in the end, you have to free yourself, still holding each hand, and then pull it. Now, you will get a knot on the string. And you did not even let go.

  • The Unpopable Balloon

The Unpopable Balloon

This is a simple magic child activity idea that you or your kids can perform well. Beforehand, first, you have to put a piece of invisible scotch tape over a balloon and then you have to keep that balloon for the later. Show your needle to the audience and pop some balloons so that they know it’s real. 

Then you have to tell them that now you will stick the needle into the balloon, without popping it! Now you have to take the balloon to which you apply scotch tape and then you have to be sure that the needle goes into the taped area of the balloon. Once the balloon does not pop than one sure thing is that everyone will say “Hey, how did you do that”? And it will be magic for them.

  • Hat Trick

Hat Trick

For this cool magic child activity, first, you have to place a black-top hat in the middle of a big room and have all the children sit in a circle around the hat. Then you have to pass the same number of playing cards to each child and turn them cards into a hat (you can change the size of the circle, that may be closer or farther away from the hat, it will help you to match the skill and patience level of the children). 

Going to clockwise, each child has to toss a card in the hat. If they get theirs, they continue to toss until they miss. The player who puts the most cards in the hat, then he/she can start the next round (this can be more intense when the music is played while the kids are throwing in their cards).

  • Disappearing Kids Child Activity

Disappearing Kids Child Activity

This magic child activity is actually a team race, in which each team can consist of two, three or four guests. To play this game, you have to give each a roll of toilet paper and with this toilet paper, they have to completely cover a team member of them. The first team that will finish covering their team members, that team will win. And in this way, all the participated teams have to completely cover their one team member to continue this race and let’s see which team can roll up the toilet paper fastest.

  • Search for the Magic Beans

A job is always easier when a great magician brains join together (in this case, that means solving a series of clever clues to find a link of magical beans that are filled with 10 types of delicious jelly beans in a nice Container). To set up the hunt, first, you have to choose four to six successive hiding spots around your house or yard (the last one spot will be where you are going to hide the treasure). 

Then you have to write a clue that leads to each one. For example, the first clue, which can lead children to take a look under the couch, it can be printed backward so that they can only know about the clue when they put it up in front of a mirror.

A second clue, you can hide under a shoe that may lead them to the mailbox. Another idea that you can use for a clever clue is, you can write everything on white paper with a white crayon, and then you can put a colored marker and instructions all over the paper to reveal the message. 

For the remaining clues ideas, you can consider writing a puzzle, to create a word search puzzle, come up with a numerical code and can use a key to translate each number into a letter, etc. 

Once they will find the treasure, then let them make a guess about how many magic beans are available in the container (you have to count them in advance) and then let’s see who can guess the nearest one.

Final Words

With this article, I have tried to share some best preschool magical activities or magic theme child activity ideas that you can use to organize a coolest ever Magic theme birthday party for your son/daughter and make him feel happy on his/her special day.

Now, I hope so, you have enjoyed this approach. If you feel better with this article or if you have any queries or any suggestions regarding this article, then you can drop your comment below in the given comment section and can share your experience with us.

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