Sitting At a Four Leg Table – Riddle for Birthday Party

Sitting At a Four Leg Table – While celebrating a birthday party we all don’t just want to cut the cake, have dinner and go to your home, instead we want to celebrate birthday with party games and in games everyone loves riddle and today we are going to share one riddle for birthday party known as “Sitting at a four-legged table there is” where you can ask this riddle in between games and ask for the answer.

Sitting At a Four Leg Table

Sitting At a Four Leg Table

Sitting At a Four Leg Table riddle is quite tough to answer but don’t worry TheBirthdayIdeas already shared amazing riddles before such as What Does Mother Earth Use to Catch Fish which you can also use with kids’ birthday party as well.

So while the birthday party, ask your friends and family members about sitting at a 4 legged table riddle and if they don’t know the answer to the Sitting At a Four Leg Table riddle you can give the correct answer by following this article on our website and show yourself as the smartest person in the birthday party.

Riddle Question: At a Four Legged Table Riddle

Riddle Answer:

There are 10 legs under the table if you ask for total legs. We have a grandmother (A Mother), a Daughter (Both Mother and Daughter), and her granddaughter (A daughter and granddaughter) so it is the number of mothers and daughters sitting around the table.

Sitting At a Four Leg Table There Is

So there are so many amazing riddle questions birthday party seekers looking for while playing riddle games at birthday parties and Sitting at a Four-Legged Table There Is one of the most popular riddles and we have shared a correct answer for it above.

You can also find out more riddles here on our website for kids and adults too. If you still don’t know what riddles are, then you can read the correct explanation below.

What are Riddles?

“A question or statement intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning.” Source.

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