Tea Party Kids Birthday – Best Tea Party Kids Birthday Ideas

Tea Party Kids Birthday – Does your little girl love to dress up like an elite, acting in an elegant and graceful manner, and loves to act out serving tea for her dolls and kitty stuff? Then, a tea party is the best for her! Treat your young ladies aged 6 to 8 and make them feel like they are from the elite society. This will appeal more to girls than boys. Inform guests to wear their most beautiful gown for the event.

Tea Party Kids Birthday Ideas

Tea Party Kids Birthday

Tea Party Invitations for Tea Party Kids Birthday

Cut a small white card, enough to put the details of the birthday party on it. Put teacup and teapot stickers on it. Attach the small card to the strong handle of a teabag. Hand-deliver the invitation. You may also opt for another creative invitation by taking a picture of your birthday girl in her beautiful gown and stuffed cat enjoying tea together. Print the picture and mount it on a card. Put the details of the party inside the card.

Tea Party Decorations for Tea Party Kids Birthday

Use elongated balloons for the party. Hang them on the ceiling or attach them to the windows. Use lavender and pink balloons. You can also twist it and shape it like flowers and other creative designs. You can ask someone good at making balloon art. Prepare teacups and teapots and display them on the table as centerpieces. Make plenty of origami flowers to beautify the table and the venue. You can set up origami flowers to look like a bunch of flowers or you can put them in a vase. You can also print out fun facts about the history of tea and mount them on the walls where guests can pass by.

Tea Party Birthday Cake for Tea Party Kids Birthday

Carve a teapot-shaped cake out of a round cake. Make the cake attractive by decorating it with several colors and designs. You can put flower candies or color-coated chocolates to decorate the cake. You may also opt for a double-layered cake with strawberry filling in the middle or you can purchase a green tea cake or a green tea cheesecake.

Games and Activities on Tea Party Kids Birthday

Tea Relay. Divide the participants into two groups. Set up two tables in the opposite direction. An empty teapot is on the home table and teacups with tea are in the finish line table. Give each group a teaspoon to use in the relay. When the game master says “Go Ladies”, the first participant in the group will run to the finish line and scoop a tea using the spoon. She has to bring the tea in the home table. They are given only 3 minutes. The group with the most tea gathered in their teapot wins the game.

  • Decorate a Photo Frame 

Hand out photo frames to all your young guests and provide them with plenty of jewel stickers and other sticker designs. Give them time to decorate their photo frames where they can later put their birthday remembrance photo.

  • The Elite Walk 

Each child will take turns in walking from one side of the room to another. You can set up a runway on the floor by putting masking tape as floor markings. Each child needs to walk from the start to the finish line and back to the home line. Each time they complete the challenge, add one more folded towel to her head. The child who has kept the moist towel in her head wins the game.

  • Elite Station

Set up a table on one side of the venue and label it “Elite Beauty Station”. All girls are free to go around the table and have their beauties pampered. Put up make-up set on the table together with a mirror and other beauty kits.

  • Food and Drinks

Tea is best with cakes and other sweets. Serve cookies in exciting shapes like cups, teapots, and other shapes. Aside from cookies, serve plenty of mini square sandwiches with different fillings. Display a variety of chocolates, candies, and other goodies in a large tray where guests can freely pick what they like to try. It would be great if you can set up a chocolate fondue fountain with several kinds of fruits surrounding it.

Aside from tea, you serve lemonade and apple juice for drinks.

Party Favors for Tea Party Kids Birthday

You can hand out the frames they previously decorated as party favors. Add a picture to their frame before they go home.

Party Supplies for Tea Party Kids Birthday

Aside from various kinds of tea, u need teacups and pots, extra tables, balloons, and photo frames.

Tea Party Kids Birthday Tips

Hand out white hand gloves upon the arrival of the guest. This would surely add up to a more elite feeling.

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