Teen Birthday Party Games on Birthday Party with Teen Friends

As we know teens love parties and fun. So as a parent of your child, if you want to plan a birthday party for your teenage child and their friends, then you have to be prepared well for this birthday party. When you are going to organize a teenage birthday party, then in that party with music and dance, this time you should have to add some fun teen birthday party games for teenagers as well.

So, before going to organize a teenage birthday party, first, you should have to know about some teen party games. With this article, I am going to share some best teen party games that you can use to organize at the birthday party of your child and can show your love for your child. So now, keep reading and follow this whole article to know more about ideas for teenage party games.

Teen Birthday Party Games

Teen Birthday Party Games

This section will help you to find some best teen party games that you can use to arrange at the birthday party of your child and make him feel so special on his/her special day. To read and follow this whole section, you can find some best teen party games for teenage boys and girls of 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 years old. 

Best Teen Party Games

So now, let’s take a look below to know more about some fun interactive teenage party games and group games for the teenagers that will be unique, easy, and budget-friendly.

  • Ball of Fun

Ball of Fun is a fast-paced game that most loves by teenagers. For this game, you should have some candy, small prizes, plastic wrap, and dice.

Before beginning the party, first, you should have to make a large ball that filled with the layers of prizes and candy by wrapping the plastic wrap around a small ball. 

Then in each layer of plastic wrap, you have to place a wrapped candy or a small prize. You should have to continue wrapping and placing the prizes until you make a large ball that will be about 1 foot in diameter.

How to Play It: To play this game, the players should be sitting in a circle and while playing this game, the first player will try to unwrap the ball to collect a prize. During unwrapping the ball, the player to his left will rolling 2 dice and will trying to roll doubles. 

When the 2nd player rolls doubles, then the ball should be passed to them and the person who stands on the 2nd players left will start to roll for the doubles. Players will have to continue this process until all the prizes and candy have been found.

  • Frozen to a T

To play this game, you should have to arrange some x-large t-shirts for each guest, a gallon size Ziploc bags and some freshwater. Before beginning the party, you have to wet the t-shirts and then you have to fold and place them in the Ziploc bags. 

After that, you have to fill the Ziploc bags with water and then seal them. Then you have to freeze the shirts in the bags for at least overnight until it all becomes frozen solid. Then while playing the game, you have to give each guest a frozen shirt.

Then the guests have to unfreeze the shirts anyway and then they have to be the first one who put the shirt on and wear it. It is hard so it appears and is a lot of fun to watch. So, this is one of the most fun teenage games for the ages 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old teens.

  • Mall Scavenger Hunts

For the teenagers, Mall Scavenger Hunts is one of the most fun games. In this game, you will find a great combination of teens and the mall. This section will help you to find 8 different and unique Mall Scavenger Hunts games.

While playing this game, teenagers should divide into teams and then they have to hunt for the items on their list during a given time limit (that will be 1 hour or so) and then they all have to meet up at the food court or any mall restaurant to determine the winning team.
Here 8 different and unique Mall Scavenger Hunts Games are as follows:

    • A 2 Z: In this game, the players should have to find items from the beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
    • Freebie Shopping Spree: In this game, players have to go with a free list of more than 40 free items to find all in the mall.
    • Informational: In this game, teams have tried to find answers about the mall.
    • One Colour: For this game, players have to go with a free list of items to find that will be in one color.
    • Super Shopper: In this game, teams are given some money (that will be around $20.00) and they have to buy the most items by using only that given amount.
    • Salesperson Scramble: In this game, teams have to make a search for the salespeople who can match items on their list.
    • Ultimate Mall Hunt: This game is known as the bigger the better.
    • Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
  • Truth or Dare Poppers

This game will be played just like the original Truth or Dare game, but with a popping twist. For this game, first, you have to print out some Truth or Dare questions and then you have to cut them into separate pieces. After cutting them into separate pieces, you have to fold them and place them inside balloons. 

You have to keep dares pieces in one color of balloons and truth pieces in a different color of balloons. Or you can also write a capital T for the truth questions and capital D for the dare questions on the outside of the balloons to keep track of what’s inside them.

Then you have to blow up the balloons and tie. Before the game, the players have to pick up a number between 2 and 12. Players can roll 2 dice at a time and the number on the dice is the number of the players who pop a balloon. 

The players choose a truth balloon and if they do not want to tell the truth, then they should pop a dare balloon and then they have to do the dare that will be inside that balloon. Then they have to roll the dice to determine who the next is.

Instead of labeling the Truths and Dares balloons, you can use a mix of balloons so that the players will not be able to know if it is a truth or a dare that they have to do.

  • Twisted Twister

Twister game mats are too small for the teenagers so that you have to make your own Twister board of any size and spacing that will accommodate the party guests. For this game, you have to make a large outdoor Twister board by doing spray painting circles on the grassy areas. 

For spray painting circle, first, you have to make a cardboard template by cutting a circle in the bottom of a box and then you have to place it on the area to be painted. For an added twist, you have to place washable paint or colored foam over the circles. Or for a large players group, you have to tape 4 twister mats together.

  • Teen Video Scavenger Hunt

This is a teenage twist to the traditional Scavenger Hunt. In this game, players divide into teams and they have to make a video on themselves, they have to perform the crazy tasks.

Some few fun ideas are as follows: Walking a stranger’s dog, Human pyramid in front of their school, pumping a stranger’s gas, singing a song with a stranger, hanging upside down on monkey’s bars, etc. And then after meeting up, everyone can view all the team videos and make fun.

  • The Bigger the Better Teen Scavenger Hunt

For this Scavenger Hunt, you do not require a list, because players do not search for the items, they are only searching for the items that they can trade up to get the best or largest item at the end of this game.

Every team should start with small items such as a penny or quarter. While playing this game, teams have to trade their items to do something bigger or better. Then they have to take the item for that they traded and trade it for something better. 

For example, in the first house, Team 1 will trade their quarter for a pencil, then in the next house, they have to trade the pencil for a basket, and then they have to trade the basket for a picture, and so on. As per house, only one trade is valid. You have to set a time limit and meet everyone back at the party house to find which team has the bigger or better item.

  • Mystery Dinner Game

This game is played during a meal. In this game, the menus that you are created will be for each guest and they must have to choose 3 items from the menu. The game twist is that the menu only explains the food that they are ordering. 

To make some complications, in this game some complicate things plates, utensils, and napkins are also listed in the menu with the food items and they all have crazy names. For example, a party guest has to choose 3 items from the menu which is as follow: round moo, bubble brownie, dotted round moo, light sparkle, swimmers, flat crunchy, golden fear, swords, ropes, shredded and tossed, Pants and Shirts, Little blocks, Spear, Tree square, and Dipper.

Until the 1st course, the guest does not know what will come. Play 3 rounds, once you gave the same menu to each player of the game during each round. By the third time, most of the players in this game have been figured out that what exactly the order to get what they want. The players can be played with any menu or food items that you are going to serve at the party.

This is the list for what the guests get after once they make an order from the above-mentioned menu:

  • Pepperoni pizza = dotted round moo
  • Cheese pizza = round moo
  • Coke = bubble brownie
  • Chips = flat crunchy
  • Sprite = light sparkle
  • Goldfish crackers = swimmers
  • Spaghetti = ropes
  • Chicken Nuggets = golden fear
  • Breadsticks = swords
  • Croutons = Little blocks
  • Salad = Shredded and tossed
  • Dressing = Pants, and Shirts
  • Spoon = Dipper
  • Fork = Spear
  • Napkin = Tree square
  • Skittle Challenge

You can play this game with the skittles candy or any colorful candy. To play this game, you have to keep the candy inside a container with a pour spout. Then players of this game have to sit in a circle and without looking pour 2 skittles into their hand. If the two candies are of the same color then the player has to chew them. 

If inside your mouth, there are two different candies. If the candies are of the same color, then you have to chew them. But if the candies are different then you have to keep them inside your mouth until another turn. If you can get a pair, then you have to choose two more to see.

Final Words

With this article, I have tried to share some best teen birthday party games that you can use to organize at the birthday party of your child and can show your love for your child. I hope so, all the details that I have shared above in this article will be beneficial for you. Now, if you feel better with this approach or if you have any queries regarding this article, then you can drop your comment below in the given comment section and will be able to share your experience with us.

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